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05. Blister Blister brings your products in shape

Blister is a special, rigid plastic packaging that protects your product when it is being sold, and in the same time it is allowing you to hang the products or exhibit them in a store.

How can you use blister?

Blister is a strong plastic wrap that can protect your product from damage, dust and dirt. Thanks to the transparency of the bubble, the product is still easy to be seen and therefore even better to be noticed. Thanks to the well-designed blister, you can either hang up the products or put them on a shop shelf. Blisters are most commonly used for toys, tools, small consumer goods or electrical engineering.

Blister for the electrical industry

If you need to pack the items used in the electrical industry, you will also need special packaging. Our blisters can be made on demand with ESD properties. In practice, this means a special treatment against electrostatics.


What types of blister do we produce?

Blistering depends on the material used and the design. In general, however, the blisters can be divided into the following types: adjustable, telescopic, snapping and tension welding.

The packaging is not just an empty form

Remember, it's not just about making blisters. With the right design, the look of the product can be improved, and the sales can be increased. It has been proven that customers are particularly interested in the packaging, and only then in the product itself.

How to choose the right design, what material and what does the entire production mean? Our 20 years of experience, as well as thousands of different blisters, which we have produced for our customers can be beneficial for you.