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1. Mold production (synthetic wood, resin, MDF) Start your business with our forms

In the production of molds we mainly work with material known as "artificial wood". These are polyurethane- sheets with high strength, fine composition, low coefficient of thermal expansion and good machinability. All plates are available in different colors and sizes. Besides polyurethane, we also use various epoxy resins and materials called MDF to make molds.

How are they made?

We select the specific material and technology according to the purpose of the product. The fine structure and low density of the artificial wood, as well as the coefficient of thermal expansion, is used for molds where a higher series of products is adopted. MDF are wooden dust molds - of which we mainly produce molds for patterns - d. H. if no higher series of products is expected

Do you want to come in a great shape? We are pleased to advise you and send you a non-binding price quotation.

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2. Market stalls Get your products in shape at the stall

This point is really about beauty as well. The sales stands with products facilitate the sale considerably. They are tailor-made for specific products and their job is to stand out and put the products themselves at the center. The sale stands are very desirable, we have prepared for you more information about their use and production.

Why selling stands?

On sales stands you will often find cosmetics such as nail polishes, masks, pens or lipsticks, but also pharmaceutical products in pharmacies. The display stands can be single or multi-story and have different shapes or be equipped with a backlight. It depends mainly on the design of the product and the size of the sales area or the shelves.

Exact and tailored

In the most cases, the display stands need to copy the shape of the product, so they must be tailor made. As we mentioned before, design is the key, so we will not only produce you the stands, but we can design it as well. If you get us some information about the area where your product is sold, we will adapt the sales stands for your shop!

You want to get your sales floor in shape? We design and produce a suitable sales stand!

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3. Engraving Get in shape with engraving!

You've probably seen it before. Engraving is the creation of indestructible marks on a particular material. It can be a picture, a character, a motif, a logo, a font or something else. Engraving is more durable than printing and can also be highlighted by backlighting. This is particularly noticeable with advertising boards, they attract the attention because of this technology and the play of light.

How does engraving work?

We treat the surfaces with a laser. We do not engrave just on a smooth surface, but also on cylindrical objects such as buttons, cups and tubes up to a diameter of 130 mm. This technology can be used for a variety of materials, e.g. Plastic, glass, leather, wood, MDF, plywood or anodized aluminum.

Do you want to engrave? We support you with the material and develop a non-binding price offer.

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4. Cutting of the styrodur Why is Styrodur so popular?

Styrodur is the most popular and used material for advertisement products. It is a sturdy polystyrene, which is very beautiful at first sight. Styro- production is fast and inexpensive. If you enhance the shape with a backlight, you will surely get a positive effect on your customers.

How do we get Styrodur in shape?

Letters and logos are made by cutting with a resistance wire on a specially designed CNC machine. For increased endurance, the surface is treated with various coatings, which also benefits the aesthetic aspect.

Do you like Styrodur? We are pleased to advise you and develop a non-binding price quote.

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5. Light advertising Unpredictable and beautiful

Light advertising is really not possible to overlook, whether it's indoor or outdoor. If you want your customers to see you, set up exactly that kind of advertisement. Their production is fast and relatively uncomplicated. In addition, it literally attracts customers.

What lighting options are there?

Thanks to years of experience and high-quality machine equipment, we can bring the light into any shape.

Classic, but also atypical, modern and original advertising media. The first step is the design of advertisement with the help of special software in our design studio. Then the production follows.

Do you want light? Contact us and we will support you with the light.

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