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02. CNC milling What is milling?

We keep our milling machines in TOP shape in order to be able to create amazing things. CNC Milling Technology is one of the most versatile machining methods to create parts or surfaces. Starting with company logos, different shapes and interior decorations, everything can be done with a CNC miller.

For CNC milling machines it is no problem to bring products in 2D shapes, or even in 3D shapes.

CNC milling is intended for plastic parts or finished products, which require additional work. Of course, we are pleased to help you with these parts as well. After milling, we finish your product in the final form - we grind the product, clean or paint the edges, we may also choose other final machining - so you get the finished product in a great quality shape.

With our CNC rotating machine, we can also cut and engrave metal, wood and plastic materials that are not suitable for laser processing. We can also make a 3D relief from materials such as polystyrene, styrofoam and others.

Most often we produce

Company logos, advertising banners, inscriptions, molds, display stands, promotional screen devices, stands, bucks, home accessories, molds, bending and vacuuming of plastics, wood tables and boards, 3D headings, 3D reliefs, 3D advertising, 3D plastic letters, large 3D engravings and metal signs.

Which materials can we process with a milling machine?

Plastic milling has relatively few limitations, but the choice of material depends on the desired properties of the product. We are pleased to help you with the selection of materials. Over the years, our advice has proven to be the most requested service.

For CNC milling, we mainly use the following materials: plastics (HPS, PMMA, PET-G and others), wood, MDF, rubber, artificial wood (Ebalta), Pertinax, polystyrene and, to a certain extent, metals.


How will the CNC get your products in shape?

The CNC machining center allows three-axis vertical and horizontal drilling, linear and shape milling, and side milling. Everything in very high quality with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The CNC milling cutter from our production can process plastic up to a size of 1500 x 1000 x 300 mm.

Our special CNC machining center for plastic offers one-by-one milling, both small and large-scale milling. The focus is on the efficiency, accuracy, reliability and quality of the milled parts. We can mill various products, promotional items, spare parts or prototypes according to the drawing documentation or supplied sample.

We work with the CAD system and can therefore also provide you with our design experience of our specialists. If you choose us, we will not only design and draw your desired solutions, but also select the right material.